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Music Education

Our students have fun making music together and creating performances they are proud of.

Winter Concert 2023 Grades K-1
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Winter Concert 2023 Grades 2-3
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Winter Concert 2023 Grades 4-5
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The study of music at the International Charter School focuses on the development of appreciation through creating, performing, and responding to music. Students experience a variety of music that challenges them to be open-minded and curious about the world of music.

Meaningful Music Making

Each year, students learn a new instrument that engages them in meaningful music making!

Kindergarten – Percussion Instruments

1st Grade – Boomwhackers

2nd Grade – Keyboard

3rd Grade – Recorder

4th Grade – Ukulele

5th Grade – Acoustic Guitar

The music curriculum is led by Hannah Johnson, BA, and is aligned with the National Core Music Standards. All students participate in music class once every three days for 45 minutes.

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