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Digital Citizenship

ICS is committed to helping families understand the challenges and opportunities of technology in today’s world.

The challenges and opportunities of technology in today’s interconnected world are constantly evolving. ICS is committed to guiding students and their families to understand the challenges, opportunities, and dangers of living in the digital age. 

As we strive to educate internationally minded, responsible, and caring global citizens, we also work to foster the skills of digital citizenship so students can learn to make smart choices—online and in life.

Digital Citizenship at ICS

In 2019, ICS hosted an informational Conversation About Digital Citizenship where parents and teachers came together to discuss and gain a better understanding of the challenges screen devices present our youth. Topics included technology addiction, the impact of screen time on children’s developing brains, screens and mental health issues, inappropriate behaviors on social media, and the dangers of online predators. 

Here are some resources for parents and caregivers related to screen devices. If you know of any additional resources you think are helpful, please email them to ICS Director Julie Nora

“I learned how valuable it is to communicate with other parents at ICS and in our communities about the digital online spaces our kids are exploring and occupying, and using that information to share experiences and practices that we can apply to lives out of school.”
—ICS parent

Help us empower caring global citizens!