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ICS Mission and History

Teaching in the languages of our community: English, español, and Português

ICS was founded to help meet Rhode Island’s dual-language educational needs.

Our Mission Statement

ICS was founded to help meet the educational needs of the children of Rhode Island. The mission of ICS is to integrate the diverse languages and cultures of the communities it serves by teaching all students in two languages—in Spanish and English or in Portuguese and English—and helping children develop an appreciation of other cultures. 

Children learn to work collaboratively from their multiple experiences and backgrounds, striving towards high standards of academic achievement. 

Everyone is part of a community of learners, engaging in inquiry about the world, themselves, and others.

Our History

ICS was founded in 2001 to help meet the dual-language educational needs of the children of Rhode Island. It is a public charter school serving grades kindergarten through 5th grade. We are located in Pawtucket, RI and serve students from all cities and towns in Rhode Island. 

The Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) allows charter schools to be established by public school districts or Rhode Island non-profit organizations. ICS was established when RIDE granted the International Institute of Rhode Island the initial charter in 2001. The following year, the International Institute placed its endowment and building as collateral for a bond note that ICS took out in order to complete the physical plant construction for the school, and ICS pays all costs associated with the bond. 

The school operates as an independent, self-funded, 501(c)3 corporation with its own Director and Board of Trustees. 

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