What parents are saying

"I just watched a video of the ICS Summer program showcased in ABC6 and posted in the school's website; and I could not help but feel so grateful to ICS for everything you have done to make my daughter's experience in elementary school one to be cherished. I am so thankful to the entire school, from teachers, special education staff, reading and math specialists, nurses, the administration and its staff, and the support staff (EVERYONE) for always valuing the family as an important component of her education and for always feeling responsible for her success both academically and socially."

"The relationship between parents, teachers, and students is very unique."

"I want my child to know my language."

"In today's world it is important to know more than one language."

"We want our daughter to be bilingual because it is an essential part of her Puerto Rican identity."

"El apoyo y el animo que le brindan a mi hijo y a mi es grandioseo y le agradezco a las maestras y a la escuela por ayudarlo mucho. Es una excelente escuela. Gracias."

"Me gusta que siempre tratan de ayudarnos a entender todas las necesidades de nuestros hijos y como podemos ayudarlos en casa."

"My son just graduated from ICS. It was a glorious moment. He has attended ICS since kindergarten, I can't imagine a better education anywhere. From the fantastic teacher parent connection to the dual language learning experience it was great and my son loved it. He was so much into this school, we never wanted it to end. He was loved by everyone and he loved everyone there, it was great. We only wished we could find another school [like ICS] for his 6-12 grade."

"ICS is the one of just two publicly funded schools offering bilingual education in the state of Rhode Island. There are many families - like my own - that want their children to learn in two languages."