Special Education

Special education services at ICS are provided in the context of a philosophy that emphasizes the importance of small classes and individualized attention for all students.

Within the guidelines of charter school law and in comport with Federal and state law, traditional special education services are also available for those students who are determined to be eligible by the Evaluation Team. Reflecting the ICS's inclusive philosophy, students with Individual Education Programs (IEPs) attend all regular classes for 80% or more of the school day.

Range of Services

Like any special education program, the individual needs of the student determine the program and services to be provided. Services currently provided at International Charter School include:

·Special Education

·Adaptive Physical Education

·Speech and Language

·Occupational Therapy

·Positive Behavior Supports and Intervention


·Extended School Year (ESY)

·Other services as needed are provided through contracted services

Mary Pendergast is our Special Education Administrator.Margie Biancuzzo and Laura Lorenzoprovide Speech and Language services and Jean Cavanaugh provides occupational therapy services. Related service providers work as independent contractors or through contracts with outside agencies.

Maggie Habershaw and Isaura Cortes are full time special education resource teachers. They work in collaboration with classroom teachers to provide specialized instruction and supplementary aids and services and program modifications.

The regular education teacher of a child with disability, as a member of the IEP team, must, to the extent appropriate, participate in the development, review, and revision of the child's IEP, including assisting in the determination of:

1.Relationship of the child's strengths, needs, present levels of academic achievement and functional performance, and goals, to district and state performance standards;

2.Appropriate positive behavioral interventions and strategies for the child;

3.Supplementary aids and services, program modifications or supports for school personnel that will be provided for the child.

ICS's Local Advisory Committee (LAC)-comprised of families, staff and community members-meets five times a year to discuss issues related to Special Education at ICS.

504 PLAN

Students with disabilities who do not qualify for special education services may qualify for a 504 Plan,part of the federal civil rights law that prohibits discrimination against public school students with disabilities. That includes students with learning and attention issues who meet certain criteria.

Much like an IEP, a 504 plan can help students with learning and attention issues learn and participate in thegeneral education curriculum. A 504 plan outlines how a child's specific needs are met with accommodations, modifications and other services. These measures "remove barriers" to learning. Families can contact ICS Director Julie Nora to learn more about the 504 process.