Social and Emotional

Responsive Classroomis a very important part of the everyday life of ICS. This is an approach that is intended to help our entire school community establish and live in a manner that supports respectful behavior and social and emotional development. It gives equal value to how children learn and what they learn, which in turn promotes positive social and academic growth and development for all. Some elements include:

·Morning Meeting: A daily routine that builds community, creates a positive climate reinforces academic and social skills

·Rules and Logical Consequences:A clear and consistent approach to discipline that fosters responsibility and self control

·Guided Discovery: A format for introducing materials that encourages inquiry, heightens interest, and teaches care for the school environments

·Academic Choice: An approach to giving children choices in their learning that helps them be interested, self-motivated learners

·Classroom Organization: Strategies for arranging materials, furniture and displays that encourages independence, promotes caring and maximizes learning

·Family Communication Strategies: Ideas for involving families as partners in their children's education

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Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports(PBIS) is an organized approach of teaching pro-social expectations that focuses on teaching, modeling and acknowledging positive behaviors. At ICS, our expectations for our students are to be 'Respectful', 'Responsible' and 'Dedicated'. Over the course of the school year, students are taught these expectations and are encouraged to demonstrate their proficiency in being 'Respectful', 'Responsible' and "Dedicated' in their classroom, in the school community and in the world. Activities, events and school functions highlight and celebrate the students' success with becoming global citizens who internalize the importance of showing and receiving respect, responsibility, and dedication. 

Key Elements of PBIS

·Outcomes: Academic and behavior targets that are endorsed and emphasized by students, families, and educators

·Practices: Interventions and strategies that are evidence based

·Data: Information that is used to identify status, need for change, and effects of interventions

·Systems: Supports that are needed to enable the accurate and durable implementation of the practices of PBIS

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Second Step

Our School Social Worker and Behavior Support Teacher teach critical social and emotional skills using the curriculum Second Step. Each week they push-in to classrooms to teach students how to manage emotions and behavior, get along with peers, solve problems peacefully that helps students succeed in school and life.

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