ICS's Garden Continues to Grow

Started in 2007, ICS's Children's Garden was designed to provide our students with opportunities to learn and explore in an outdoor classroom. The garden promotes environmental awareness and an appreciation of the natural world in our students; provides hands-on experiences of planting and caring for a garden; helps students understand and appreciate the beauty of the natural world-from seasonality and the cycle of life, to the age old question: "Where does our food come from?". The garden also strengthens ties to our neighborhood, helps to raise awareness of our school, and gives students a sense of pride that they are capable of growing their own food. Annually each grade plants a food garden, including a salad garden, pizza garden, popcorn garden, potato garden, salsa garden, and sunflower garden.

We are excited about our collaboration with the Steelyard, who built our golden arch and installed our newest element, a bench, in May.

ICS's harvest party featured in Edible Rhody's spring issue.

ICS's Children Garden is a member of the Children's Garden Network

See article written by Julia Steiny: "A school garden grows bonds between students, learning" in the October 5, 2009 edition of the Providence Journal Bulletin.